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Dee Day, Fine & Lettering Artist

Dee's work is inspired by texture and movement. The visceral and textural qualities created with watercolor brushes, palette knives, and pens are the heartbeat of all of her work. A large portion of her education is in the performing arts. This culminated in a Bachelor of Arts in music from SNU in Oklahoma City. What was learned about the importance of touch in playing the piano quickly translated to an equivalent touch and its importance in the creation of art. This art story began in the mid seventies. Most of her art instruction happened in the context of workshops with quality instructors in lettering, watercolor, and oils. After more than thirty years of experience, her skills combine to create a poetic collection of works.

"The calling on my life is to ignite the passion for fine art in others and to provide a venue for exhibition. This began for me in 2004, with a small band of artists that has grown to fifty. We are the ARTpact team. (pactofaustin.com) With the help of a very supportive husband and a church that fully supports worship through the visual arts, we enjoy a fine arts gallery second to none. The "Open Doors" Galleries are located within the confines of Hill Country Bible Church of Austin. (open on Sundays and by appointment ) Although I have exhibited work in many other local exhibitions, my time and energy has been spent developing and expanding my team. Looking back on fifty exhibitions and twenty-one opening receptions, I can truthfully say that most of what I've learned has been in the context of working with this very special group of artists. In addition, I have spent many hours in my studio at Buck Hill experimenting, observing, notating, and teaching. What I now know is that every artist learns best by practicing their skills on a daily basis…much like learning to play the piano. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my husband, Jim, who has joyfully hauled my art gear on many road trips across the country. We presently reside in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, TX."